Weinberg 12

A history of our farm and the current vacation house.
Extract from the historic chronicle "Hohenbrugg Weinberg- Destiny of a borderland" by Mag. Dr. Rudolf Grasmug:
"Heritage Farm": on March 5th, 1777 Josef Krenn the older purchased the three-sided farmhouse Nr. 4 from Anton Petz. On November 7th, 1816 Johann Polt inherited the more than 23 J (J: Joch, an old measuring unit 1 J= 5755 m²) large farm and subsequently married Anna (Kapper) on January 4th, 1817. Anna Polt inherited the farm on November 4th, 1836 after the death of her husband. Michael and Juliana Polt inherited on January 31st, 1846. Juliana became the sole owner on September 17th, 1878. On February 2nd, 1890 contract of purchase and marriage of Michael Polt and Antonia (Koller). On May 22nd 1919, the widow Antonia left the farm to Michael and Zäzilia Koller. On May 3rd, 1960 it was inherited by Franz Michael Koller and Barbara Elfriede Vogl. Mag. Barbara Vogl and Franz Michael Koller were the owners until July 9th, 2001.

A short story in pictures of the revitalization ...

The conservation of the beautiful old construction and the character of the farm is the great aim of the current owners DI Volker and Irmgard Loidolt.
With support of the architect Eckehart Loidolt (1010 Wien, Schwedenplatz 2/24, T: +43 (0)664/462 54 39), architecturally modern elements have been integrated and highlighted.